Welcome to Southwest Heating & Cooling, Littleton and Denver South Metro trusted service company for nearly 40 years.  Realtors know we can fulfill the urgency and importance of real estate transactions.  Time sensitive matters are attended to with diligence.  We provide Furnace Change Outs/Upgrades or certifications, and Air Conditioner change outs/upgrades or certifications.

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Certification includes tracer gas test, that will detect any heat exchanger problems, and then Southwest will verify that the furnace is safe to operate, ensuring that there is no carbon monoxide leaks or problems.  If the furnace does not certify, we will not clean it and reduce the cost to $125.

Southwest Heating and Cooling will replace the non-certifiable furnace quickly, ensuring that you will close on your home.  We understand the urgency of your Real Estate transaction.  Call Southwest Heating and Cooling for prompt and reliable certifications in Real Estate Transactions at (303) 791-2679.

Let Southwest Heating and Cooling replace your old furnace and your agency passes inspection and Southwest will waive the testing fee. Call us at (303) 791-2679.

All of our Preferred Real Estate Agents will receive 10% discount on any installation.

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