Boiler Equipment

Southwest Heating & Cooling specializes in state-of-the-art Boiler systems for efficiency, cost savings and comfort. Our Smart Energy systems are second to none, and designed to outperform the competition and meet your price point.

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Southwest Heating & Cooling specializes in Dunkirk (80% Efficient) and Triangle Tube (95% efficient) boilers. Most of the new modulating boilers mount on the wall and the majority of the lines sit on the ground. We prefer to use Grunfoss and Taco for our boiler circulation pumps and Honeywell for the zone valves.

There are many types of boilers.  Southwest Heating & Cooling installs gas-fired boilers.  Boilers can be replaced in an emergency situation, and Southwest Heating & Cooling is known for prompt and reliable service. We have installed many new boilers that went out on a Saturday or Sunday, and had the boiler installed and working properly by Tuesday.  Southwest Heating and Cooling is a Denver heating company that ensures that your family’s heating needs are met.  We take pride in ensuring that we get your home warm in any situation.

We specialize in installation of three boilers brands.

  1. Dunkirk Boilers
  2. Crown Boilers
  3. Triangle Tube Boilers

Boiler installation1.  Dunkirk Boilers

Installing a new boiler the Dunkirk Boilers can get up to 84.4% AFUE  (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).  The Dunkirk boiler is made of a dependable cast iron heat exchanger with a cast iron push nipple.  The construction of the Dunkirk maintains a tight water seal over time.  The Dunkirk is a small compact design, which is ideal for crawl spaces or other low clearance boiler installations.

2.  Crown Boilers

Southwest Heating and Cooling installs the Cabo 2 Boiler from Crown Boilers.  This boiler is an Energy Star qualified product.  The Cabo 2 boiler is good for the homeowner who is looking for a more energy efficient boiler.  The Cabo 2 boiler gets an 85% AFUE reading.  This boiler qualifies for an Xcel Energy heating rebate of $100.

The Cabo 2 from Crown boilers also saves energy by using combustion air from the outside, this ensures that the exhaust gasses go directly outside.  The Cabo 2′s stainless steal burners allow for a quiet trouble free operation.  There are eight different sizes of the Cabo boiler, in order to accommodate any size that you need for your home or apartment.

3.  Triangle Tube Boilers

Southwest Heating and Cooling installs the Prestige Trimax Solo Series, which is a high efficiency wall mounted gas boiler.  The Prestige boiler has a stainless steel heat exchanger that returns 95% efficiency.  When installing this unit you can qualify for a $100 heating rebate from Xcel Energy.  The Prestige boiler has the lowest emissions.

Overall, the most important factor in a boiler is safety.  You want to have your boiler serviced on a regular basis to ensure the safety and operation of your boiler.  If you are looking to update an old boiler unit that you may have it would be an important aspect of your choice of boiler to check the efficiency ratings of the boiler that you chose.  The table above shows you how much you can save in energy bills, based on the efficiency rating of the boiler.

Please speak with our certified installers to share your project details, so that we can address your situation directly. Call us at (303) 791-2679.  In-home estimates are always free.  Please fill out the form below and a comfort consultant will be in touch with you shortly.