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Comfort & Efficiency that Earn the Highest Ratings!

Since 1974, Southwest Heating & Cooling has gained extensive industry knowledge, experience and competency that ensure your air conditioning installation or service will be done right the first time. We have the best prices on air conditioning installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Today’s air conditioners provide more comfort and efficiency than ever. Whatever size your home, whenever you need cool, comfortable, cleaner air, we’re dedicated to providing the very best investment you can make for your family.

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Types of Air Conditioners


XL20i Air Conditioner

For the top of the line in cool comfort, look no further than the XL20i. It’s among the industry’s most efficient air conditioners available. What does that mean for you and your family? It means you’ll enjoy total comfort on the hottest days of the year and lower your cooling costs at the same time...Read More

XL16i Air Conditioner

Whether it’s hot or mild, the Trane XL16i offers flexible family comfort. With two-stage cooling, your home will beat the heat, even in rooms that have proven to be hard to cool in the past…Read More


XL15i Air Conditioner

The XL15i comes with a lot of noticeable benefits. Things like tough construction and efficient operation that lowers your energy bills. But one thing you won’t notice is when it’s running, because the XL15i is the quietest of all our single-stage systems*. That’s comfort you can feel, and hear. (Or in this case, not hear.)…Read More


XR15 Air Conditioner

The new Trane XR15 delivers the reliability you’ve come to expect from Trane, while providing the energy efficiency you demand and deserve. The XR15, offers up to a 17.00 SEER rating with Trane variable speed furnaces, air handlers and Comfort™ Coils. The split system air conditioner is available in 1.5 to 5 ton models…Read More

Savings & Efficiency

Comfort and efficiency that earn the highest ratings!
Today’s air conditioners provide more comfort and efficiency than ever. Regardless of the size of your home, whenever you need cool, comfortable, clean air, we’re dedicated to providing the very best A/C or cooling investment you can make for your family.

In Colorado, the Summer can get brutally hot… especially without an A/C or proper cooling system. Take the summer of 2012 for an example of HOT!! DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE SWEATING ALONG WITH THE MASSES!! In Colorado we had record highs for extended periods of time, and air conditioners were just not up to the task. The best way to prevent a mid-heat wave breakdown is to have your air conditioner serviced and tuned up in the Spring, this way you can know well in advance if you will need a new air conditioner.


Xcel Energy is offering a few impressive rebates for those with qualifying energy efficient air conditioning and furnace systems installations. You can find the rebates here.

At Southwest Heating and Cooling, if your air conditioner is not functioning properly, we will come out to your home and service the A/C and get you and your family cool again. Southwest Heating also installs new Trane A/C units, as well as maintenance for your A/C ensuring that your air conditioner last many years to come.

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